Flowers By The Bucket

Fresh, Locally-Grown, Chemical Free Flowers

What you get A 3-gallon bucket of seasonal blooms picked by us filled with all the best looking flowers and fillers in our field with your specific color palette in mind.

What You can Make Each bucket should give you enough for 3-4 centerpieces depending on how big you make them. 

How to Order  Fill out our inquiry form! Make sure you fill out your event date, color palette and number of buckets. We will send you a confirmation email once we have your date in our books. 

Price Each bucket is $85. A delivery fee will be added to your total if not picking up from the farm.

After picking up your flowers you'll need to store them in a cool room

Our flowers are picked fresh for you the day you choose to pick-up/deliver your bucket. To make sure your flowers look their best the day of your event make sure you keep them in a cool place. 

Cancelation Policy

10 days are required for cancelation. We understand things happen so make sure you contact us right away if your event has been canceled.


**About 50 stems in each bucket. Buckets are not part of the price they need to be returned to our farm when you are done using them.

**Available during the growing season (May-October)

Thank you for considering our farm fresh flowers for your upcoming event!